I Fell in Love with my Husband Barely 12months of Dating…Actress, Naomi Emmanuel

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Pretty Nollywood actress, Naomi Nkechi Emmanuel, still does not believe that she is a married woman after her bride price has been paid some weeks back.

The actress and her hubby has decided to take their union the legal way as they have just signed the court marriage papers to seal their love in the face of the law.

Happily sharing her thoughts as she becomes Mrs Ambrose, she wrote, “It still hasn’t dawned on me that I’m married to a man whom I met just exactly a year ago. My name came up when he ( @ambroseamara ) was talking to Bobby Valentino about top actresses in Nollywood for his movie to be shot in Lagos. Ambrose contacted me via email and we had a professional conversation about the making of the movie.

“That first email led to a phone call during which we had more professional discussion. We continued to have frequent communication and I unbelievably saw myself falling for him. I did my best to hide my feelings little did I realise that he had fallen in love with me from the first time he watched one of my movies - Adaora the smart girl. He also tried to hide his feelings for me but couldn’t hold on for long. He finally expressed his feelings for me; I was so happy to hear the sweet words he told me. I tried to play tough but I was overwhelmed by love. We met a couple of months later in Lagos where we worked on the movie together (I as producer and him as the director). Since the first day we met in person, the bond between us got stronger and stronger. And now here we are, happily married. It's legalized!!.”