Fathia Balogun Fights Mosun Filani Over Shoes.

Source: Dro Ameh - questionmarkmag.com - Nigeriafilms.com
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Fathia Balogun caused a scene at the set of movie producer/actor Muyiwa Ademola recently when she confronted actress Mosun Filani after she got wind of Mosun gossiping at a salon about her borrowing shoes always from another actress Ronke odusanya. After Fathia was told, she took her case to actress Toyosi Adesanya but she asked Fathia not to believe what she was told,certain that Mosun could not say such a thing but Fathia insisted. Toyosi called Mosun – who denied every thing Fathia accused her off. It was presumed that the case was lied to rest as it was resolved by Toyosi but on the said location, Fathia met Mosun with Muyiwa.

She was very surprised to see them together as it was widely reported that Muyiwa's wife had threatened to use acid on her [Mosun] if she found her close to her husband when reports of their closeness and secret affair rumours hit the press.

On spotting them, Fathia snapped and raise the accusations again resulting in a heated argument between the ladies. As they argued, Fathia informed that Toyosi had actually said she [Mosun] was a gossip and met have accused her of been . After much plead, the situation was resolved. Mosun called toyosi after wards informing of what Fathia had said which almost created a discord between Fathia and Toyosi