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Bobrisky Disgraces Singer, MC Galaxy Calls him Bastard

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky is seriously angry with singer, MC Galaxy as things have not been going well for the two who were one time business associates.

This time, Bobrisky is boiling hard as he describes MC Galaxy as bastard who makes fake promises but never keeps to it.

“I never wanted to address dis Jacob issue but I will say something now on it since dis stupid mc galaxy want cheap fame let me give it to him. Dis bastard called mc galaxy called me two years ago to dance to one of his music video. I drove there and after performing on his video dis useless idiot paid me 20k. I laughed so hard because I regretted not negotiating with him before d video. Few weeks later dis bastard called me again... that I should always promote all his music for him on Snapchat since have got many followers on snap and we both agreed 150k on every song. I was pushing dis foolish and destroy career song back to back with honest heart in which some of u can witness to it on my snap. That was how I got to meet or know dis thing. Straight to d point.

“Mc galaxy will promise me 150k for a song den later pay 100k to my account. I used to imagine d way dis boy use to call millions on his page to give followers but at d end with d day dis idiot don't give them nothing.... so I believe he wanted to use me so I acted smart. He called last two weeks that he want to drop a song for me and Jacob that should he go ahead? I said if he want to. But he should know I won't be able to promote d song now because I have other people job to promote. Then he said let him go and record d song first. After dis idiot drop d song. He message me that d song is not going viral d way he wanted it that he will pay me for one month promo to push d song for him.

“I laugh and ask him how much is dis idiot paying he said he is paying same 150k and he will pay two times. Please guys dis dude is so fake trust me he lied so much and he pretend to be your friend... but trust me he is a snake Continuation of my story... after dis idiot said he was paying 150k I said okay. Den he credited my account with 100k first. And he said he will pay d balance later. Okay I danced to d song with Jacob and posted it on my page. As usual as we all know his way always paying for add on all d blogs idiot. Have told him to go to his village to sell Camry spare part because his songs are dead idiots. Davido drop banana follow me my brother,” he wrote.