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I received an email 2 weeks before the airing of The 'New Kings of Nigeria' informing me that the program was set to air. Here is part of the email I received,

It's the story of the great grandson of King Jaja of Opobo.

Jaja was a nineteenth century slave who rose up to become a legendary King, before being kidnapped by the British.

140 years later, Jaja's western-educated great grandson Walter, heir to the throne, returns to Lagos – and becomes the voice of 'Big Brother Nigeria'.

The New Kings of Nigeria sees Walter transformed in his understanding of what it means to be a King. He comes to the realisation that “being a King is not something you are born into. It is something you do, make happen”. He increasingly identifies with the spirit of the swelling numbers of Nigerians he sees hustling on the street, trying to make it.

Given your interest in cinema, cultural subjects and diverse readership we'd be delighted if you'd consider writing an article about the film. Your site has linked to 'Welcome To Lagos' and we feel that our film shares the same viewpoints. The New Kings of Nigera [sic] documentary shows the country in a positive light, highlighting the technologically developing aspects of the country. We feel it would be of great interest your readers. There is also the possibility of interviewing the main character, Walter.

I informed the producers that I could not review the documentary until I had seen it. Now, you and I can watch it and offer an opinion. So, what do you think? Do you think the description above squares with the footage you just saw? What similarities do you see to the 'Welcome To Lagos' documentary of some weeks ago?

Hattip to @Ehi_remen and @OluSimeon for all their help in getting this video to me. Much appreciated.