Source: Niyi Tabiti -

Gertha, a Haitian-American woman has been manipulated by an impostor in Nigeria and at the last count, she lost over $6000 Dollar. The fraudster who duped Gertha impersonated top Nigerian Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot using Facebook and other online means to perpetuate the criminal act.

In a phone conversation with Gertha from her base in America, she told Niyi Tabiti that “though I am not a Nigerian, I love Desmond Elliot acting skills in all the movies have watched and just wanted to know him personally until this fake one came along”

Since December last year, i have been sending money to him because he said he needed to travel to the US and wanted a ticket. The guy who was posing as Desmond also asked for money because he had an accident. The total sum collected according to the woman total $6,000.

It got to a point, she suspected that she was not talking to the real Desmond so he challenged the guy. She later got through to the reporter (Niyi Tabiti) who linked her up to the real actor, Desmond Elliot. The actor was shocked to the marrows of his bone when he heard about the episode on Monday 29 May 2010. He wondered why people would go to such extent to disparage his personality by obtaining money using false pretenses.