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I Want to Keep my Juice Running…Actress, Moyo Lawal

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, is enjoying the controversies that trails her whenever she shares raunchy photos of herself but she is not bothered.

Moyo for some time now has been hitting the gym hard just to trim down and it seems to be working well for her because she is already getting the right body she desires.

She admitted that she has added much weight of recent but glad that her workout session has really helped reduced some kilos as she admits that she wants to tone up more.

In her words, “No I don't want to slim down (for everyone sending me the stop going to the gym messages) but I do want to tone up, keep my juices running and generally service my body. As you can see my tummy is slowly toning up again and my double chin is almost gone....I added so much weight recently it was ridiculous. I didn't take pictures last week but am happy to say my #ML30daysofburn is effective as (I added jogging to my routine but the fear of getting straight and tiny stops me from going too far ) ....p.s yes my leggings are transparent ...come and beat me am at work.”