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Actor, Yomi Fash Lanso Lashes African Pastors

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actor, Jomi Fash Lanso, is not one of those celebs that like coming on social media to rant but when the need arises, he does not fail in airing the truth and what he believes in.

The various blogosphere has been on fire as search light has been beamed on some Nigerian Pastors who go about acquiring wealth for themselves while the members suffers all in the name of Tithing and the likes.

Using the Pope as an example who auctioned his gifted $237,000 Lamborghini and money realised given to charity, stressed that Christianity is about humanitarian works and not self-wealth acquisition.

“If we talk now the RELIGIOUSLY DERANGED will Start VIBRATING. Pope gave his gifted his personalised $237,000 Lamborghini for auction and Money realised Channel to CHARITY..................... same Thing he did with his gifted Harley Davidson Power bike............. same Thing he did with the cars he used during his visit to poland......... all goes to CHARITY. May our Eyes be Open to see that CHRISTIANITY is all about HUMANITARIAN WORK Not self Wealth acquisition at the expense Of the poor the Hungry the afflicted the displaced. POPE doesnt Own a OK, QUEEN Of ENGLAND doesnt Own a PJ, WARREN BUFFET doesn’t own a PJ, BILL GATES doesnt own a OK

ZUKERBERG doesnt own a PJ, Just few Days ago Bill Gate donate $50m to the research on Alzheimer Cure. Please is Mad acquisition Of WEALTH and Material Things a BLACK MAN DISEASE at the expense Of the People in on an highly impoverish Land?”