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Only Intelligent People Watch my Lovers Movies…Adeniyi Johnson Defends Lover in Public

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson, is ever ready to prove his love for his actress, lover, Seyi edun, no matter how their love life is being perceived by many.

Adeniyi had recently shared picture of his lover receiving her awards at the just concluded City Peoples Awards where seyi won two awards but these did not go down well with many of his fans.

One of them who was able to summon courage attacked the actor by letting him know that Seyi does not deserve the award because she rarely features in movies.

But Niyi will not allow such allegations to slide by as he immediately defended his woman by stating that it is only intelligent people that have watched her movies.

opmworldwide: Oga this girl no good rich this level joor, I even no dey see her for films like that

adeniyijohnson: @opmworldwide: some intelligent people see her in films #urpagesaysitall