Eedris AbdulKareem is a Dirty Igbo Smoker and Needs to get a Job

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, Timaya, has not been able to ignore the some of the dirty things self exiled singer, Eedris AbdulKareem said about him of recent and has decided o speak fire.

Timaya blast Eedris making it known to him that all the time he was with him as his backup singer, he never gave him a penny to survive yet he remained loyal because he needed to learn.

He further accused Eedris of not helping people as he always thinks about himself and now coming on social media to say rubbish about him.

Acording to Timaya, “This Eedris Abulkareem guy needs to shup up, you are telling me that I’m an ingrate and forgot you, how did you treat me? Look at this idiot fool, because I did not say anything and I even call your name now because I was just a f*cking backup artiste and you’re not even appreciative? Do you even know my name? you regarded me like a nobody. Look at this fool, I pay my transport to your shows because I was learning and you have never paid me one day. You disregard people, how many people don blow through you? How many people have you helped? Where are all the people with you then, you are now talking because people never answer you abi? You’re an idiot, don’t come near me, go and ask Patoranking, Runtown and the likes that were under me, even them Skales, I give everybody role but you go just come on social media. I use to be your backup artiste and 2face was still there, 2face is big now where the f*ck are you? Don’t blame people, go and work, dirty looking Igbo smoker, f*ck you.”