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Foluke Daramola, remember her? She used to be that little girl in the Television series - Family Circle.

What was spectacular about her was the sexy chest, an endowment that stood her out. Today, not only is she grown, she has started raising a family of her own, and with a hubby that means everything to her.

However, that is not to say that it's been a bed of roses for her. Once in a while, as she told Sunday Sun last week, she has had near crisis in the marriage, to the extent that she'd contemplated quitting.

But somehow, things never fell apart. And she is happy for it!
Indeed, while Foluke's acting career took off on a roller skater ride to the top, same cannot be said of her marital life. It almost suffered a hiccup even before it actually took off. Like most society marriages, barely few months into her marriage, the rumour mill was awash with tales, all negative.

Some even went to town that she relocated from her matrimonial home after she was allegedly battered blue and black by her hubby.

True or false, she refused to say categorically. Nonetheless, it could be inferred from her response that things were near upside down. “God and my mother were my strength during those difficult periods. Being a young woman who has just got married and not expecting such problem, I was heart-broken and seriously confused. However, in my resolve, I decided to hold on. I had a counselor who advised me thus: 'If you are having a problem with somebody, try and change yourself and the way you do things. You'll find out that it would work'. I tried it and it worked.”

On the lessons she has learnt being under a man's roof, Foluke has this to say: “It taught me a serious lesson. In every situation, you have to be strong. My mother lost her husband when she was 36, yet she held on to that home through thick and thing. That is the only reason she can now relax and smile when she sees her children. That, I'd like to imbibe.”

Source of strength
As a mother, it is only natural for Foluke to cling on, despite all odds, if even anything – her kid - what gives every mom happiness.

Hear her: “When I look at my family and the type of love that exists among us, I cannot help but want to hold on to my marriage. No matter the amount of troubles that I face, I would love my kids to have the same kind of happy family that I have. Let me confess to you, the thing that kept my family together is the thing that has kept me going.”

Girls nite outs
When Foluke says marriage has slowed her down, it sends tongues wagging regarding what she means. But in her heart of hearts, she means no harm. For one thing, she has to be a wife, a mother, and all the time. That is why she is not one of those regular faces at hangouts.

“Marriage has no doubt slowed me down. But it has equally made me more tolerant and patient. It has also made me more matured and able to define what I want.”

When Foluke first appeared on the scene in the early 90s, few people knew anything about the little girl who thrilled television watchers as an intelligent chap in the popular television series.

Back then, she would have passed on as just one of the little girls in the garden. But with time and the curves appearing in the right places, Foluke soon blossomed into an adorable young lady.
Her appearance in Yoruba movies in the late 90s marked the beginning of her ascendancy to stardom. Thus, she became a household name among the lovers of Yoruba movies.

Ten years on, Foluke has not only transformed from yesterday's little girl into a robust woman, she is also a proud mother of an adorable girl.

Good education
Foluke attributes her success to the education she has. As a graduate of International Relations, she believes that it broadened her horizon to more properly interpret roles.

“The reason that most artistes don't get to make it in the industry is because they are not well equipped. It is high time we realized the importance of education to our career. I started at young age. I also made it a point of duty to have education. I tell people that education is not a luxury. It's a necessity. When you have fame, education brings out the beauty of the star in you.”

To underscore the importance she attaches to education, Foluke is organizing a talent hunt show for young, wanna be artistes, who are desirous of a career in acting.

“I am working on a project, which is a way of celebrating my ten years in the industry. It's a talent hunt show. I don't want it to be like the conventional talents hunt where you just pick one person. I want to pick as many people as possible and give them a chance in the different areas of acting,” she said.