Actress, Cossy Ojiakor Plans to have Butt Surgery

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Cossy Ojiakor, has disclosed her plans to her fans of wanting to have a butt surgery before the end of the year.

The actress stated that the reason for her decision was based on the fact that people make mockery of her flat backside which has given her serious concern.

Cossy already is blessed with large milk factory and she is hoping of having the surgery done in Nigeria after coming in contact with a doctor who can handle such case.

In her words, “Hahahahaha.... Seriously thinking of getting a butt surgery. BBL..fat transfer from Tummy to ass... Heard a certified Nigerian surgeon is doing BBL in vgc. @grandvillemedlaser Seen pictures and I think I can trust my body to him. Anyway do you think I need it. Benefits of having big butt includes having wide butt to cover the whole toilet seat so that when u mess it stays locked down till you flush. Anyway will get mine done by December or January. Tired of being called flat butt... Just because my butt is so humble. . Hahaha praise my butt and tell me a sweet lie that it's perky and so biggggg ... then maybe I will change my mind. And let the ass stay forever humble.”