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A film focusing on HIV and Aids is being given its first viewing at Fespaco.

Starting Over is the story of a young man who has a bright future until the night he makes a mistake.

But the film is not just about the risk of the infection, but the stigma attached to it once an individual has contracted HIV.

In Starting Over the central character Andrew, is the son of a preacher, but he feels isolated and ostracised by his family and community.

He is reunited with them by the end of the film, and the community have to face the fact that HIV is in their midst.

They also accept that they must support those who are infected.

The movie is centred on a middle class Nigerian family in Abuja and is shot entirely in the Nigerian capital.

The project cost US $150,000 and was backed by an American consortium called Britworld.

Writer and producer of Starting Over Paul Nwulu describes Britworld as a group of American businessmen who want to make positive changes in the world and have Christian beliefs.

But Nwulu says that he is not trying to preach with this film, but show that people should be kind and forgiving to each other.

Nwulu believes that the church is one of the most enduring communities in Africa and should be promoting the message of his film.

“Starting Over” also includes Ghanaian characters in its story so that it can not be accused of being entirely Nigerian.

The film was only finished last week and it is due to be given its premier in Abuja in July this year.