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Every Relationship Must not End in Marriage…Actor Junior Pope warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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The news of one John Emeka Obodoechina, 36, being burnt to death in Lagos, by his fiancée, Blessing Ohare Ukhurebor, because he decided to quit the relationship has gotten many talking.

According to DailySun, John had dated Blessing for over a year, and she had moved in with him while things kept going ugly, John decided to end the relationship which was not approved by Blessing.

According to reports, “After about three months, Blessing started taking some of her belongings into John’s place. At that time Blessing did not know whether anyone was John’s sister or colleague in the office, so any calls from a female caller was seen as a taboo. .

That was when John started introducing Blessing to his sisters and colleagues. But when all that also failed to guarantee peace, John felt that marriage between Blessing and himself might be disastrous, so he decided to end the relationship.

John’s sister, Angela Ibrahim, said: “She poured fuel on him when he was sleeping, and lit the match. Unfortunately, because fuel is inflammable, she was also affected.”

But Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, who is proudly married with two kids has shared his thought on the issue by stating that marriage is not by force as not all relationships leads to marriage.

In his words, “The devil is here and he is busy, be wise. Love is not by force. Every relationship must not end in marriage.”