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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident" - Arthur Schopenhauer German philosopher (1788 - 1860).Recently I asked a friend what he thought about Goodluck's administration so far, he told me that it was no longer Goodluck, " the goodluck is finished, it is now Jonathan and no more goodluck" He added, ''It was high time we stopped this luck thing and moved ahead to the real thing'.

When growing up whenever my late mom called you three times, there was trouble or she needed to make a salient point. It is in this light that I pen these few lines.

Over the last few weeks I have been on sabbatical as usual, watching and reading all that my eyes can see on events as they occur in our beloved Nigeria. I have been encouraged by the fact that we are moving forward albeit anyhow, the idea remains by all means move forward. The drama that is Nigeria continues.I have watched as the IBB shegenian continues, and the bandwagon of PDP and its zoning catapult continues to misfire and in real terms helping us expose the mediocrity in leadership and followership. In trying to make sure they write on everything and anything commentators and analysts have goofed and off course this is Nigeria. No one wants to be left behind.The likes of Atiku, Balarabe, Masari, Lar, NLC, CCC, even my dear Jang in Plateau, PDP Chieftains and thieftains are all struggling to be relevant. Jonathan should contest, he should not contest. A strange nation, as of December we were not sure of who signed the supplementary budget and who was speaking with BBC, all of a sudden, Jonathan posters everywhere as if it's a poster thing.While some argue that he has a lot to do and should focus on the task in front of him. The constitution which is not a property of the PDP gives right to that office to anyone that is qualified irrespective of tribe, ethnic group, religion or ZONE....However in this my ranting, I just wanted to state the facts as I see it with my small eyes. Jonathan indeed has every right to contest the 2011 election but and indeed a big but... which is the reason I have called his name thrice.Jonathan has in the last month been receiving one group or the other; he leaves for Paris as I write this essay and when back I cannot guess where next he will be heading to. In today's Nigeria there are obvious issues that need to be addressed.It is no gainsaying like I read only recently that as we approach 50 years all that we may have achieved as a people is remaining as one nation despite all the 'wear and tear' and continuous abuse meted out to the structure called Nigeria.We have blamed everything from Lord Luggard, his wife, Mungo Park, the colonial masters, our first republic leaders, politicians, the military, today PDP and even the masses are not excluded.Elections are months ahead and we do not have a head at the electoral body. We are shouting electoral reforms as if we have ordered angels from heaven that will pioneer the reforms...Jonathan, Jonathan, hmmmm, Jonathan...just shaking my head.The best Jonathan offered is that we will know this week and that he has never met or seen the man, we believe him o...and as a people we anxiously await this angel.Whether 1, 7, 55 point agenda, not one is being vigorously pursued with a sense of commitment at scoring a successful point.I beg to at this point state unequivocally that despite his relative inexperience on the blocks as a politician and his seemingly first good steps, it is a fact that Jonathan is a 'systems man'. He is a product of a faulty system and he has not proved a doubt wrong that he will radically move far away from the establishment.And as usual Nigerians are asking for more time for him, praising him to high heavens, same people that called Yar'adua a gentleman, and called his wife a python are same lampooning Jonathan with accolades and calling his wife humble in disposition second only to Saint Humility.A cursory look at the PDP tells the tale better, although many would argue that one needs a platform, so join them and change them. However from experience many that joined have been changed rather than effect that change.The nation is still largely one that is living in darkness despite all the rhetoric about electricity, several bi and multi-lateral agreements with Germany, Brazil, Madagascar or Cape Verde. Just last month we had our own NEPA caused havoc as power outage afflicted the airport for hours and disrupted activities.We have had steady supply of fuel for at least almost 6 months and I can tell it is scary because Nigerians are not accustomed to such, and as usual because there is fuel you have scarcity of cooking fuel (Kerosene) and the price of gas is rooftop.On a trip to Lagos recently enroute to Abu Dhabi I looked at the hazard gloves used by our security agents, one had to confirm to me that he had been using same for the past few days and had to take it and wash...chei, just cheap hand gloves. On that trip I boarded an aircraft that was short of a kabu-kabu, everything happened on that flight, from the 6 hours delay to the fact that we had to buy snacks, soft drinks and water on board, the only part missing was there was no preacher of some sort.With all the Fashola magic, Lagos is still far away from being what it can and should be. But off course like one accustomed to trekking 4km, a ride of 1km is paradise when indeed he is entitled to the full ride.One might ask how does all this concern Jonathan...I have not strayed but honestly tried to say my dear fellow Nigerians, there is problem in the land and we can overcome it, however not at this rate and with the present crop of charlatans.Crooks at the National Assembly that increase their take home pay, 'whore allowance', 'hardship pay', 'talking nonsense remuneration' amongst many such that they collect and yet these are men and women that can hardly place a verb, and a noun properly in their local dialect. When they are not beating themselves, they are beating police constables.Talking of the constables, Can Jonathan in few months address the fact that as someone put it in face book "To think that after 50 yrs the Nigeria Police has achieved nothing more than change of uniform (which looks like Pyjamas by the way), they have no forensics & cannot even secure a crime scene after 50years, and after 50 years they are still trying to beat confessions out of people..."Can the group of new power players emerging around Jonathan in the name of PAC or RAC, Ijaw Leaders or servants help this young president to concentrate in solving some of the problems...and while this may be almost impossible the truth is that at least it can lay the groundwork for subsequent, work, abeg work, let us see something that is being done not all that fine democracy day speeches that are applauded and do not translate to deliverables or tangibles. I have left many issues, education, health, roads, ethno-religious conflicts and those that have chosen to rewrite the holy books to support their misbehavior.Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan writing your name in history is beyond luck most times and this I dare say is self-evident when viewed against the achievements of great leaders that made a mark. My apologies do not be a interim that could not hold its own because of the establishment!Prince Charles Dickson works for

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