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When you first meet her, you are stunned by her beauty, carriage and amiable disposition. These are the attributes that have pulled Dakore Egbuson through as one of Nollywood's finest actresses. She is a beautiful and talented actress, a singer and a Television presenter. Dakore, is a very spiritual person who loves herself. She knows what she wants and gets it. As she says, God has been on her side all the way. I sat with her in a cool fast food restaurant with 10 questions for her.

What is you beauty routine like?
Well, I have a beauty routine like most people. I wash my face morning and night. I do not scrub too much because sometimes if you scrub too much, it can irritate your skin and I have a very sensitive skin. So, I scrub once a week, I do face mask. I like the ones you can do at home on a Saturday, when you are not doing anything, just lie back for 15 minutes and do a really good work. I cleanse, I moisturize and I try not to use any harsh cream. I am sure you know what I mean (laughs). Black is beautiful.

How do you keep fit, because you are looking good?
I am very active. I like being active. Moving from one set to another, travelling up and down. I dance a lot, dancing is one of my work-outs. Then sometimes I do sit-ups at home. I do not like going to the gym, it seems too mechanical and can be boring after going for a while. I am looking for a gym experience where.... well let me not say it. Maybe I could be the one to do it.

What is your most prized fashion item?
First of all, I have to say myself because if you are not alive, you cannot wear fashionable things. My life is what means most to me. Secondly, accessories. I love accessories because they complement your clothes and your style. I am an accessory freak but I do not over do it. I like those shiny accessories that make noise.

How do you like your bags? Do they have to have a name?
To be honest with you, I am not a designer freak. The bag I am carrying is not a designer bag, though it looks like one. The way you carry your bag is what is important. I will not kill myself if I do not have the latest Gucci bag because that does not define me. It is how I put things together that defines me. So as far as what I have is not too cheap or too expensive and I can wear it well, I am not going to lie and say it has to be a Gucci. Though, I have some as well, but it is not what I am all about.

Why and when did you decide to go on dreads?
Emm... That was like four years ago, can you imagine? I cannot believe it myself. It just came out as a re-awakening thing for me. I was perming my hair and it was not doing me any good. My hair was not growing well. So I just decided to try something different, something natural and it fits me. I have never had my natural hair grow so long.

What designers do you like?
I like BCBG, JFF Jenifer Colffere, and Gucci. Those are the three designers I have their stuff, depending on my mood, because I am a mood-oriented person. I dress depending on my mood and of course, you would not want to be out of place, be over-dressed or under-dressed. I like being simple, at the same time, elegant.

How do you relax?
I dance, I really like to dance. I could be in my room dancing and there will be no problem. I like listening to music like jazz and afrobeat because, it is very intellectual. I like the regular R&B, hiphop. I really like music.

Latest fashion item just acquired...
I love perfumes. The one I am wearing now is Hypnos. I have Escada. I got Chicago from a very special person. I really love perfumes.

Career goal
I will like to release my album which is really what I want to do. It has got a little bit of everything. I come from a soul-afrobeat-jazz background. I am also a bit of an old school inside, and not compromising where I am from. But in order to be current, I have to fuse in hiphop. I am achieving a lot of my goals and I thank God for what I am today.

What can you say concerning Nollywood?
Nollywood has not done too badly. It has saved a lot of people from trouble and allowed us to express our creativity. There is still a lot to be done. We should not think Nollywood has arrived in Nigeria even though they like to think so. We can still improve on our videos, but I thank God for where we are now