LG Time Machine TV dazzles Sunny Neji

Source: nigeriafilms.com
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Highlife music star, Sunny Neji is entranced by the newest television set in town, the LG Time Machine TV. Describing it as "incredible and absolutely wonderful", the Oruka crooner says the world's first Time Machine TV with built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has triggered a revolution in the way people watch television.

The flat panel TV, product of LG Electronics, a national and global brand leader, is intended to help viewers "freeze time" so they do not miss a second of action in their favourite entertainment and sports programmes.

"The LG Time Machine TV is absolutely wonderful," Neji said, adding, "I did not think it was possible to just freeze time and put the television viewer in total control of what he or she watches so as to be able to do everything without missing anything, too."
Neji, who has entertained audiences at home and abroad, is now an Ambassador of the product in Nigeria. He has won several local and international awards and many of his songs have become household anthems in Nigeria.

Only recently, LG Electronics provided strong support for Neji at the launch of his equally successful new album, "Off Da hook" in Lagos. For him, LG Time Machine TV is the ultimate entertainment product because of its amazing capabilities, especially in terms of enabling viewers to pause, rewind and replay live television broadcast. He is also impressed with the product's high picture quality.
According to him, LG Time Machine TV will aid the growth of the entertainment industry in Nigeria, as it will help viewers to enjoy all the exciting moments of their favourite programmes.

The musician explains thus: "Before, the very nature of television made it impossible for the viewer to catch the excitement at the peak of the programme. Now LG Electronics has helped to re-define television viewership by ensuring LG Time Machine TV catches all the peak moments even when the viewer is busy doing some other important things. This is good news for those of us in the entertainment industry.

"I can come back home and watch my rehearsals over and over again; and if there is a point that I feel I have made a mistake, I can pause and rewind to the exact point and watch all over again. The LG Time Machine TV has made television watching easy, interesting and pleasant because you have absolute control over what you are watching. It is a TV that every serious minded person should have at home so that you do not miss a thing."

The LG Time Machine TV, which was formally unveiled in Europe shortly before the 2006 FIFA World Cup tournament in June this year, has a built-in 80GB hard disk drive and was first publicly presented in Nigeria in September at the Silverbird Galleria in Lagos.

Since its launch, the Time Machine TV has become a success story in Nigeria and has become associated with some of the leading lights in society, especially people in entertainment.
The Time Machine TV is what it's called, 37/42 inch HD-ready LCD TV & 42/50-inch HD-ready plasma for time travel with built-in Digital Video Recorder. With this revolutionary function viewers can stop live broadcasting anytime they want. Users have the ability to pause; rewind and replay live TV, skip commercials or other sections of programmes, watch shows without missing a scene and watch them indefinitely.

LG raised the pleasure of flat panel TV by creating a new trend. The consumers' purchasing interest is convergence as the Time Machine TV incorporates an 80GB hard disc drive. The Digital Video Recorder is integrated in the world's first LG Time Machine TV and comes in an exclusive design. The Time Machine TV has the capability of storing up to 40 hours of digital standard-definition programming. It also has continuous automatic recording in 1-hour intervals, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

The function makes viewers swift through time because it is possible to watch a movie for instance, 5 minutes behind the original broadcast or to enjoy the winning goal scenes of your favourite soccer team over and over again.