Why do Ladies Cover Their Br3ast in Church Wedding, Expose it at Reception… Evangelist Mike Bamiloye Queries

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Alright, ladies please get in here because Evangelist Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Films Productions, has a strong question for you to answer.

After taking a close observation on how some ladies dress on their wedding day especially after church wedding, they go in to have another dress on which tends to expos some part of their body Evangelist Mike seems not to be comfortable with these trends.

He asked why some ladies will cover their milk factory while in church for their wedding and at the reception they expose everything for the world claiming that wedding is one in a lifetime.

In his words, “Why do SOME Beloved Sisters suddenly lose their senses and Focus on their WEDDING DAY? THEY CHANGE THEIR APPEARANCES VIVIDLY AND ALMOST BECOME UNRECOGNIZABLE....Because it's their Wedding Day and It's just Once and For All. THEY COVER UP THEIR UPPER CHEST IN CHURCH ONLY TO THROW AWAY THE COVER AT RECEPTION....Because it's their Wedding Day and it's just Once and For All.

“A Beloved Sister fixed her eye lashes that made her face looked like a Cat,.....Because it's her Wedding Day and it's just Once and For All. A Beloved Church Worker wore a topless Wedding Gown that almost popped out her Breasts as she danced joyfully....Just Because it's her Wedding Day, and it is Once and For All. Then...Then.... WHY DO THEY SUDDENLY BECOME THEIR NORMAL MODERATE SELF AGAIN FEW DAYS AFTER THE WEDDING? Why Do People Prepare more for their Wedding Day than for their Marriage Life?”