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I Can’t Act Nude —Opeyemi Ayeola


Star actress, Opeyemi Ayeola, recently spoke with Entertainment Cafe about herself, the movie industry, etc.

Q: Welcome from vacation. How was your sojourn in the Republic of Ireland?
A: It was a wonderful experience. I also visited other parts of UK.

Q: There were reports that you travelled with your fiance for wedding plans. How true is this?
A: I don't know where they got that from. I travelled alone and my mission was to visit my family.

Q: Did you participate in some film projects over there?
A: No. I went there for vacation. And I have never worked outside Nigeria.

Q: So, what really motivated your vacation?
A: Yes, basically after a long period, I decided to give myself a break by travelling to a place I could have a nice time with family members. Though, it's my first time of going on vacation as you rightly said.

Q: Do you have a new project you are embarking on after the long break?
A: Yes, I'm working on my own film and some other things I would not like to disclose for now.

Q: Sometime ago, there was a rumour that you are not a bonafide member of the ANTP. What is your reaction to that?
A: I don't really know where such rumours emanated from but as you can see, I am a bonafide member of the association and that's why I have come for its monthly meeting.

Q: While you were on vacation, one of your senior colleagues was arrested for drug trafficking when she was about travelling out of the country. How did you feel when you heard of her arrest and ordeal at the NDLEA office?
A: (Pauses). I don't want to say anything about that. I'll rather keep my comments.

Q: How do you feel now that there's a wide perception that most of you are into drug trafficking?
A: I believe everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, so there's nothing we can do about that. But all of us cannot be into drug trafficking and it is unfair for people to think so.

Q: From December, there will be an indefinite and compulsory leave for members of the ANTP. As a cross-over actress, do you hope to benefit from it?
A: I am sure I'm really going to benefit a lot from it because it will be the time to do so many things I have left undone. And it will probably make me discover something new in me.

Q: Like what?
A: You just wait and see.

Q: Is it about entertainment?
A: Just wait and you'll see what it is about. Since the holiday will be quite long, it will give you journalists the opportunity to be part of it.

Q: Don't you think the compulsory leave declared by the executives of ANTP will also affect your career among the English actors, being a cross-over actress?
A: No, if I get any script I will go ahead and do my work.

Q: What do you intend to do with the degree you bagged from LASU two years ago?
A: I intend to go for my Masters' degree and sit for the professional exam for now.

Q: You seem to be a friend of the media because you have been enjoying good press lately?
A: (Cuts in) Do you think so? But I still read some negative reports about me last week. (Laughs).

Q: It is obvious that you have really made money from your acting career and what most of your fans wan to be next on your agenda is marriage. When do you hope to tie the nuptial knot?
A: I am still planning that.

Q: How soon is it going to be?
A: Pretty soon, just wait and see.

Q: Are your mum and other family members not piling pressure on you to get married?
A: She's educated, enlightened and no such things have come up. But she has always been in support of my acting career from inception, my family members are also proud of me even if they read negative reports about me in the media.

Q: When was your most embarrassing moment?
A: I can't really say because it happens too often.

Q: What is it?
A: I get embarrassed by my fans due to the way they demand money from me for buying my movies, even if I know most of them prefer renting the films from video club owners.

Q: Don't you think they only acknowledge you?
A: Yes, I'm getting used to it.

Q: Most times you play romantic roles in films, don't you often get carried away by your roles?
A: I'm always conscious of everything I do and there's no way I can be carried away.

Q: You are always paired with Yemi Solade or Funsho Adeolu in movies. Do you have a relationship with any of them?
A: I have a personal relationship with all my colleagues. So I don't really have a personal chemistry with them alone.

Q: What makes you accept a movie?
A: A good script, the role I'm offered and the challenges it will pose to me. Moreso, the cash matters.

Q: Do you often get intimidated by the performance of some colleagues?
A: No, I don't think any of them has even challenged me professionally because my talent is in-built. And with the way the industry is growing, more talented people are going to join us and we all will exhibit our skills.

Q: What can you say about Nollywood in general?
A: We are improving. The films are getting better.

Q: What can you say about upstarts who get cheap fame in the industry?
A: I think it is their luck and with time things will get better. Definitely, people that are celebrating them must have seen something unique in them. The way you see them may be different from the way others see them and the fact that they are used in movies means that they are not useless per se.

Q: So what will you never do in a film?
A: I don't think I'll ever strip on set. I can't act nude or do anything that will dehumanise me and demoralise my fans.

—Olatunji Saliu