Exclusive: I get Paid 10times Better than Nollywood…Malaysian Based Actor, Abbey Adegboyega

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

No matter the challenges and bad name Nigeria might have as a country, there are lots of it citizens making the country proud in the Diaspora like Nollywood actor, Abbey Adegboyega Abimbola Popularly known as Crackydon aka American lolly pop.

The actor who is also a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, took a very hard decision by travelling all the way to Malaysia to make a good life for himself and he did just right by picking acting which he has been doing well both in Malaysia and India with about 40 films already featured in and still counting.

Speaking with Nollywoodgists.com from his Malaysian base, the actor explained that he left Nollywood because getting a role, one has to sacrifice to get there which was not helping but in Malaysia, he is paid 10times better.

Read excerpts below;
Can we get to know the real background of Abbey Abimbola?

My full name is Abbey Adegboyega Abimbola Popularly known as Crackydon aka American lolly pop. I am an actor/director/model and a movie maker. I was born in Osun state and raised in Lagos state, Mushin to be precise. I attended Archbishop Aggey Memorial Secondary School and O.O.U (Olabisi Onabanjo University).

As an actor, why did you not stay in the Nollywood industry why abroad?

I left Nollywood industry because I wanted to learn more about filmmaking and change the perspective of people towards Nollywood movies especially when it comes to ANTP (Association Of Nigeria Theatre Practitioners) and thank God for what I have achieved so far.

You are based in Malaysia and also act Bollywood movies how do you manage that?

Well, I will say it's not easy but one with God is always majority. Before this time I use to travel to India to seek for featuring movies due to the love that I have for Bollywood and most of the time I got turned down because they haven't seen any of my jobs and mainly they prefer you to be a martial art before you can get featured their films. I taught about this for a while and I decided to join kickboxing and Silat martial arts and since then God has been so wonderful to me in all my auditions. As a matter of fact I have featured in more than 10 Bollywood movies and close to 30 Malaysian movies including TV commercials..

How many languages do you speak?
I speak my indigenous language fluently (Yoruba) and little bit of Malay and general language (English).

How was the reception like when you first got to Malaysia and your first movie role?

Wow!! That's a big question, it wasn't welcoming at all, but like I said before, I never gave up on my dream and that's what kept me going. My first movie role was offered to me by an old friend Big Sal who introduced me to an award winning director/actor/producer Subash M. Mannan and the title of the movie is ‘Tortured soul,’ but before that I have featured in few TV commercials.

You love more of fighting in movies than romance why is that?

Seems I have mentioned this before but let me shed more light to that. Before you can be accepted as a good actor here in Malaysia and India, you have to put in more work and it's far beyond nagging and exchanging vulgar words like we do in Nollywood. I think I get more fighting roles because of my tough body and once they get to know you are a good actor they wouldn't hesitate to call you for their next project. I have done couple of romance movies as well but not as much as my fighting movies.

You have learnt the art of martial arts well, is it because of your movies and how were you able to learn fast?

Yes, I learnt martial arts because of my movies and featuring movies. You can only get featured in Bollywood and Malaysian movies if you have martial art background otherwise, you will only get featured as one of their extras. It wasn't easy learning but I did because of the passion that i have for my profession.

Are there hopes that you will one day be part of Nollywood or you are bigger than the industry?

InshAllah, I am a Nollywood actor forever and nothing can take that away from me, even if I get featured in a thousand movies I am still connected to Nollywood. One of my current projects titled ONE BLOOD is 50% Nigerian and 50% Malaysian story.

In Nollywood, who are those stars you will always love to watch act?

Saheed Balogun remains the best actor and boss of all time to me.

What do you think is the problem facing Nollywood compared to other countries?

The problem facing Nollywood is lack of support from the government. I will give you an example: If you have a good story and you want to make it into a big film with your good experience, there is an association called Finas under Malaysian government that would provide you 40% of your total budget and they will never ask anything back from you than credit.

I pray Nigerian Government would look into this someday.

You are well built; do you take steroids like some people do just to look very muscular?

LOL.... I have never taken any steroids in my life before. I work hard for this and I never stopped training every time in my house even my silat classes, I still attend.

Do they pay you well over there compared to you acting in Nollywood?

Far Far Far Far.............. I got paid more than times 10 of Nollywood payment and I wouldn't blame Nollywood movie producers for that.. It's always scratch my back and I will scratch yours, but there is nothing like that here in Malaysia, it's always CAC lol Cash And Carry. But, everyday no be Christmas