I Can Never be a Pretender in this Nollywood Industry…Actress, Shan George

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Nollywood actress, Shan George, is one of many actresses who understand how the Nollywood industry works and being a frontline player, she has been very careful on how she threads with people.

The actress has seen what the industry has to offer and how some wannabe actors push themselves just to make name in the industry but what you can never see her indulge in is to bring other people down.

Shan recently disclosed that she is not one of those actress or producers that will smile with people and go behind to hinder them from getting a source of their daily bread.

According to her, “I am not a type of friend who Will advocate for you not to be called for a job behind your back, thereby removing food from your mouth, while I keep laughing with you and even be posting your pictures on social media calling u sweetheart and saying how much I love u. if I don't like u or angry with you, you will know instantly. No demonic pretences because of what I want to gain from you. I keep it true and real. have a lovely Weekend My People.”