Comedian, Seyi Law Gives out N100k to fans for Supporting his family

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Comedian, Seyi Law, has just done the unexpected as he recently gave out the sum of N100,000 to his fans for supporting him all through the years.

The little gift was coming from the fact that his fans were able to like and support him to the point of having about half a million followers on social media and still counting.

It was the comedian’s little way of appreciating some of his fans who have been constant at visiting the page and dropping various positive comments on his photos.

“I can't take your support over the years for granted. You support my works, fight for me and family, follow me here and above all, offer words of encouragement. Over 500K of you follow me even if it's just for Tiwaloluwa's sake, Lol. I think it's time we tagged @instagram for verification. I have also supported people in my own little way without making noise about it which I enjoy that way, but today. Hmmmmmm. I am giving out a token of a N100K. 10 People on instagram, 5 on Twitter and 5 on Facebook. I am giving 5K each for recharge cards. Make una manage am, I never get endorsement. God bless you,” he explained.