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It is Religion that is keeping Nigeria Together… Bishop Tom Samson

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Some nasty activities taking place in the Nigerian society has been attributed by some quarters to the way churches and Mosques practice their doctrines.

Defending the religious sector, founder of Christ Royal Family International Church, Bishop Tom Samson, said it would be wrong for people to keep criticising churches or mosques for the ills in the society.

Samson said, “The number of churches and mosques is small compared to the population. Let’s look at the population in Nigeria and the number of churches. People often forget that not everybody goes to the church or the mosque. It is even religion that is keeping Nigeria together.

“Some countries who didn’t pass through what we’re passing through now have split. Remove all churches and pastors from Nigeria and there will be no nation called Nigeria.

He stressed that despite the fact that people accuse Nigeria of being corrupt, not everyone is corrupt as the prayers of the various religious sectors is what is keeping the country together.

“The prayer we pray is what is keeping us together. People keep saying Nigeria is corrupt, but not everybody is corrupt. Nigeria is better shaped than what it could have been if no prayer is being offered. This country is not as bad as people say we are,” h told Punch.

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