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It's really baffling and disgusting how some so-called 'stars' in Nollywood disrespect, maltreat, insult and snub their ardent fans.

Sincerely speaking, some of these cocky and arrogant 'stars' should learn from their foreign colleagues on how to respect, handle and manage their teeming fans before its too late.

G-a-w-d! Was at a popular celebrity's hangout last week and was grossly disappointed with top Enugu based actress and widow, Patience Ozokwo, for snubbing and ignoring some fans who came to say hi.

Imagine, instead of acknowledging their sincere greetings, she ignored them and felt unconcerned with a straight face. Even world stars like Michael Jackson and the rest of them still acknowledge greetings from their fans, let alone a local 'star' like Ozokwo.

Well, Mama G, just know it that without your fans, you are nobody, so when next they come to you, begin to recognize, appreciate and acknowledge them. Or else, their wrath will help diminish your career. A word is enough for the 'widow' (sorry) wise.