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Singer, Falz is Right, 9Ice is Promoting Fraud with Music…OAP, Daddy Freeze

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

It is no longer funny as some Nigerians have began airing their views about singer, Falz’s statement which he made recently about singer, 9ice lyrical content.

Falz had come out during an interview to state that 9ice latest single, ‘Living Things,’ promotes frauds as part of the content was praising fraudsters.

In his words, “You are an entertainer, in a position as a role model to younger ones coming up and in your musical record you are greeting all the yahoo boys, you are greeting all the fraudsters, calling their name personally, hailing them, wire wire mo fe cha che, all this culture you are making the young ones think it’s cool to do it, it’s not, you are destroying our future. As an entertainer sing about something that can help our life, paint a picture, tell a story, don’t glorify fraudulent behaviour it’s not good.”

But these was not well received by 9ice who feels that Falz was wrong in his interpretation as he explained that the song is all about promoting fraud but showing the need to make a living.

“It’s not about promoting fraud, so to speak. It’s about one who wakes up in the morning needs to go and work and earn a living. It’s not negative, it’s positive. You just have to be in that realm to understand what the song is all about,” 9ice defends self.

Trust Nigerians, the matter will not be allowed to go down like that as popular on-air-personality, Daddy Freeze, has decided to take sides with Falz.

Accoring to Daddy Freeze, “I stand with @falzthebahdguy! It’s the glorification of Fraudsters that birthed the likes of Evans, and gave rise to the herds of moronic herbivores seeking his release! Songs seemingly promoting fraud aren’t 9ice.”

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