We can detect deceit in the action of a coward. When faced with responsibilities or threat, he runs away. Do not confuse those who fight and run away only to fight another day with those who dodge and run away only to reap the benefit when it's all free and clear. Granted, only brave men fight to death but this coward when faced with Okah coup or implicated gloom of his estranged best friend, he betrayed his word of honor, upheld the death sentenced instead of life imprisonment.

However, a coward is not an officer and a gentleman when he allowed the escape of his accomplice Dimka that killed the Head of State, Murtala Muhammed. It's a coward that would claim the laurel of an honorable man, Professor Nwosu, who conducted Nigeria's best election he annulled, by cowing to special interest then and later claimed Abiola was a co member of the same drug cartel. An armed robber that demanded our life or our Government, our life or $12 billion, would hide as a coward when challenged to give account of the Okigbo Report. This coward defied a defense opportunity before the Oputa Panel, on just one of his many serial killings. No pain, no gain no presidency sir.

No matter how much our differences with Abiola, Shehu Yar'Adua, Buhari, Idiagbo or Obasanjo, they all submitted to hell in jail as an humble experience that shape many leaders, not this coward. He would sacrifice a whole country to save his skin. Yet his claimed triumph is that he risked his life to keep the Country united. In that case, he is in the company of naive young butchers and opportunists drunk with power that plugged us into civil war, where brothers slaughter one another. Why not Ojukwu or Adekunle for President?

Some idealistically that think allowing this coward on the political scene strengthens us as a democracy. In that case we might as well let drug dealers, cultists, 419s and armed robbers contest the election and not discriminate between those who use gun to snatch money or life and those who use gun to snatch governments. But then this coward did it all. While at it, let us resurrect third tern project for OBJ and leave it to the electorate.

Every country establishes a threshold of decency below which anything goes. Otherwise, we will be inviting jungle justice and chaos between do or die gangsters that will invade our political arena as if we do not have enough already. In Mexico, drug dealers openly challenged constituted authorities in an uphill fight for control of law and order. What we have hunting Jamaica today are political thugs of Seaga and Manley turned drug dealers entrenched in the neglected areas. In Italy, the Mafia has not only penetrated the Government but also world businesses. Africans have enough to deal with already.

Their method of gaining sympathy and support of the masses is not new. They provide token services neglected by the governments. They build hospitals, schools, roads and social network giving money to selected unemployed they could use for their nefarious trade and reprisal jungle justice. The selfishness of our looters has limited their insight. But those they provided for in their states will defend them vehemently. Like his drug plea deal in US, two governors have acquired so much money to buy jail time in Nigeria. Anther governor introduced religious law to occupy his people as he stole them to rags.

As we encourage more of these miscreants into our politics, they will get smarter, build fiefdoms with token roads, schools, hospitals and more important get loyalists that are willing to sacrifice their lives in the defense of political war lords making it impossible to control as they cross the line of decency with impunity. No amount of democracy can sort out this type of tolerance in the polity, as they take advantage of democracy. Some of us sometimes underestimate the power of desperadoes in a do or die situations.

It is not only Ebele, most decent people want to put the coward in jail by dusting up the Okigbo Report. Abacha called for Okigbo Report to expose the coward and freeze him in his track for ever, not Ebele or anyone else. When he stepped aside, Abacha tricked him out while he remained in the Army with full powers and immediately called upon his weakest point to dislocate him forever so that he will never come back to hunt us.

OBJ and all those close to the military elite knew that was one of his weakest points. If that does not work, they all know of more damaging blows for which the coward could not enter the United States for many years until on humanitarian grounds when his wife was dying. Some of us wonder what deal he made to enter the United States. A coward never dares his soul and Oputa Panel was too close for his comfort. There was a great deal more behind the death of Dele Giwa and the disappearance of Gloria Okon.

Lamido Sanusi, the Central Bank Governor put it mildly when he said we are still affected by structural adjustment. The fact is, that is what buried middle class Nigerians. It was done by a stroke of the pen by the same evil genius staging a come back to finish the dwindling asserts that should be left to our children. He manages to be relevant to successive governments but with an iron grip supervision by Abacha and Obasanjo.

While it is true that Nigerians have suffered worse than any other people on earth by the same resources that was suppose to elevate our economic status, the silver lining is that no section or power of a click in the Country can bully us into submission anymore because of concentrated ammunitions, for sale in open market. What is left is a shadow of itself used as threats to keep a disoriented and disenfranchised people in fear.

How would you feel if someone came to your father's house, stole him blind and got away with it but the hypocrite cried murder calling for capital punishment when the son stole his own father's money too? Only in Nigeria will the defense be that he only stole billions but the son stole more. No sacred cow has lost its meaning in Nigeria. If we have to start from somewhere, let us make some examples out of sacred cows.

Take a look at the live oil devastation in Louisiana water and imagine the picture of Niger Delta. The coward wants to come back for more to deprive this and the next generation. Dare make a desperate move, and break the Country into pieces. Barking dogs that cannot bite dare queried Ebele about positions in the oil industries as if he was appointing cocoa or groundnut farmers. Haba, na which cain tin be this bo!

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