Marketers, police battle pirates

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The renewed battle against piracy by the Yoruba Video Producers/Marketers Association of Nigeria (YOVIFFPMAN) to checkmate the activities of pirates who are fond of compressing newly released movies into DVD has, no doubt, recorded some success, as Mr. Ifeayin Nwanubike, aka Rollex, was arrested by the police recently.

The pirated DVD consisting of about five to 10 movies is sold at a ridiculous price of N70, whereas an original DVD is sold for N210.
The arrest of Nwanubike, who is described as a key conspirator, was effected last week during a raid conducted at the Fancy and Furniture section of the Alaba International Market by the anti-piracy squad of YOVIFPMAN led by Sola Awoleye with a detachment of policemen from the Panti Police Station, Ebute Meta,Lagos.

This was necessitated by the alleged threat to the lives of some popular producers and marketers of genuine movies like Anthony Chukwuka of Divine Films, the CEOs of Corporate Pictures, Afeezco Films, Bayowa Films, Gemini Films and Marketing, Epsalum, Olasco, De-Victory and Vision Production. gathered that Nwanubike was, however, released on bail on Wedneday, May 18, with a stern instruction to show up with executives of an illegal body, Yoruba Film Dealers Association, which he heads.

Although he failed to appear with the others, the next meeting has been fixed for Thursday, May 27.

Last year, Nwanubike allegedly received the sum of N600, 000 on behalf of The Yoruba Film Dealers Association, which is noted for its notoriety, as part payment of N2million to 'settle' the pirates. But because the pirates have continued to reign almost with total freedom, the association reneged on its promise to pay the outstanding N1.4milion.

“He also collects some illegal and unjustifiable fees. For instance, he collects N7, 000 on each Yoruba language-based movie sold in Alaba,” a source said.