But Why, My Friend’s Lover has Just Been Snatched by IG Lady…Actress, Abimbola Ogunnowo Cries out

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

When lots of people are busy using the internet for legal means, some ladies are out to snatch every responsible guy that is doing well for his lady and Nollywood actress, Abimbola Ogunnowo, is really boiling hard.

The actress has just announced that her best friend has just lost her man of many years to an instagram babe after his handle was made public innocently.

Abimbola warned that any lady that knows she is having something serious with her man should not mention him on social media because some irresponsible ladies are ready to go any length juts to have him to themselves.

According to her, “What is this life turning to? Please and please if you have something serious going on with a responsible guy please don’t tag him on instagram.....The moment the vultures on ig has his handle they follow him and the next thing is they send him a DM. hmmmmm vultures everywhere. Be careful only a responsible and God fearing Guy can resist them, trust me they want everything you have that’s why they do everything you do!!!!!!!!! It’s not love its envy ... #teambecareful # i tire oooo that’s how they snatched my friends boyfriend o on ig.”