Skin Bleaching Celebs will Regret it When Old…Skin Therapist, Modupe Adetutu

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These days we see ladies are trying to turn fair with excuses that that is what is in vogue and for actresses, they will say fair skin ladies get more movie roles than the dark skin and other excuses but there are side effects to these things.

Some fans have woken up to see the sudden change in the skin of some of their stars and explaining more about this fast rising Nigerian skin therapist and beautician, Modupe Adetutu Oluwayemisi, who went the extra mile to learn more about skin even after graduation and with the combination of herbs and fruits, she performs wonders with skin.

Speaking with, Modupe shared more insight about what it means to bleach, tone the skin and more but noted that celebrities involved in bleaching might not find it rosy at old age.

Read excerpts below;
Briefly take us through your personality?
My name is Modupe Adetutu Oluwayemisi, I got admission into Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital but later, I got transfer to Oluyo Catholic Hospital, a catholic missionary hospital. I read medical lab sciences- professional diploma certificate. At present, I am a beauty therapist, alongside, I do makeup too.

Tell us the difference between toning, bleaching and what you do?

The difference between toning, bleaching, whitening is that when you tone your skin, you are making your skin come clearer, that is just the simple definition. When you bleach, it means maybe you want to bleach out a spot area that has been dead for maybe some years, let us take for example a scar; you can bleach a scar area if it has been long, for like five years. Then, when we are talking about being white because we have some clients too, they tell us they want to be white; white is changing of your skin color, being white on the skin that is the difference.

Don’t you think there are side effects to these three (toning, bleaching, whitening)?

Definitely there are side effects to some. But, toning, there might not be side effect if safe soaps and safe creams are used for that effect but, for bleaching, there are side effects but some therapists give advices alongside, if you want to bleach out. That means it has to be on a very safe side. The person has to be financially buoyant. Not exposed to so many risks but at the same time, when the client is getting old, it might tell on the skin cell. For whitening, it is not safe if you are not using good soaps and good creams too, if they are not good enough. But, if they are herbal because there are some herbal soaps and herbal creams that can do the work without side effects, if they are natural herbal organic sprout that can do the work perfectly without side effect. Majority of people’s skin nowadays are prone to skin cancer which they are aware of. My herbal soap of all various skin types are anti-cancerous, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory coupled with cream which makes skin looks very younger and firm.

Since everyone in Nigeria is a makeup artiste, do you think makeup business can sell in Nigeria?

Well, that was then, that was once but now, it can’t because everybody is a makeup artiste as you said. Even all my siblings are now makeup artistes, those that I have known have interest with makeup artiste. I don’t see it as a business one should venture into except you want to have your line of makeup products. That is just where you can get going but, being a makeup artiste singlehandedly is not worth it.

Some ladies keep away from makeup with excuse that the foundation and others affect the skin, how true is that?

It affects the skin because some of these women don’t wear it off completely. When you wear makeup in the morning, maybe you are going out, after the day’s activity, you should wear it off with good exfoliants maybe like soaps or wipes. Then, the next day you can put it on. But, we have some ladies that don’t wear it off well so by this, it has effect on the skin, causes dead cell, so many makeups too causes skin tags, steroids and so many skin problems. It is not that makeup products are not good but you need to wear them off completely away from the skin so that our skin will vaporize and this beauty routine should be done at night before going to bed so that the skin will have time to breathe very well.

How do you intend to stand out in the industry, having so many beauticians?

I intend standing out by letting people know that our skin is a good gift from God and we need to really take care of it. How we take care of it matters a lot. My line of beauty business, there is a soap I produce and the soap is 100% safe. Even if you are not buying my cream, toning, whitening or bleaching, the soap is a very good soap that exfoliates your skin then, firms up the skin, makes it look younger. The soap can be used for babies from zero to hundred years, the soap is very good. It is a herbal soap, the one I produced myself and I know that no other person is producing the soap. Just because I was a medical lab student, I knew what to buy to mix together. Though we have so many herbal soaps in the market, but mine is different because I have not seen mine in the market.

How were you able to come out practicing because majority of Nigerians do not believe in their own product?

I will start by saying my mother was a beautician too when she was alive, she use to be a hairstylist, she had a shop of her own. I started making hair for people when I was seven years old so, I grew with that passion. I actually wanted to study medicine but my dad called me one day and said I should not study medicine; I should go for medical lab. Although, I did not like the course at first because I did not know what it was all about. So, when I gained admission into the school, it was very interesting but the uninteresting part was we were exposed to blood and so many things that could be very contagious but, I actually have big flair for beauty line, making people look beautiful because in my hostel, I was the one making up for them, making their hair, their nails and you know in medical school, there are limits to the way you can dress, the way you can go about your makeup and all that. So, there was a time my lecturers were complaining like; your makeup is too much but, I was very brilliant in school and I knew what I was in school for. So, sometimes some of the other lecturers will answer few of them that are assaulting me that- leave her, she is very brilliant; it seems she has flair for it. So, there was a day I told my dad that I want to study economics, I like business. He now said, how will I just come up with an idea like that? I said, you know that I have flair for beauty line? He now said no, that I should be through with medical and I will go for the degree. So, I said no and I started making hair, then after making hair, I saw that hair was stressful because it was affecting my health so, I went into makeup, makeup was everywhere so, I came into beauty line. I have this passion, making people look beautiful and young, most especially women, with all the stress we pass through; childbirth, estrogen imbalance, so many factors that ages women. You see some women, like young ladies of twenty-five, they look like thirty, thirty-five, I don’t like seeing women in that kind of category. I love women looking very young, that was what actually prompted me into this skin business and I believe I can.

What were the things put in place for you to learn, since in Nigeria we do not have equipments?

It was a simple thing because it was all about fruits, most especially butter carotene products

Which means you were using herbs then?
So it will be right to say you were trained more with herbs in school?

No, we were trained with machine but, you know when I was in school, it wasn’t beauty stuff, it was more of medical, health wise.

Coming out, you learnt from mum?
Coming out, you know there is no way you will major some courses that you will not minor some courses and I read a lot too so, I actually developed myself, gathering all the facts together, coming into business line.