I’m So Proud of Bovi’s Stage Movement, Use of Language…Comedian, Alibaba

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Recently one of Nigeria’s comedians, Bovi, held his annual concert, ‘Bovi Man on fire,’ at the Eko Hotel and Suits and as expected, he gave in his best.

It is not easy to make Nigerians laugh but rather than throw jibes at his audience, he was able to give good delivery of himself that won him accolades from veteran comedian, Alibaba.

For Alibaba to come out to praise a fellow comedian then that fellow has really done well because it is not easy to get so from a legend like him.

Alibaba had to come out in public to appreciate Bovi on how he was able to carry his audience along with good stage presence and good language usage.

According to Alibaba, “Awesome performance... familiarization, audience reading, stage movement, pauses, delivery, set up, storyline, comparisons, cross references, innuendos, punchlines, timing, language blend, messages,... on point... well done @officialbovi. Proud of you. So much work went in. You did very well.”