Leave me Alone, Mind Their Business Abeg…Actress, Kikelomo Adeyemi

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Pretty Yoruba actress, Kikelomo Adeyemi, has been enjoying her private life as she continues to move from movie location to the other, yet her presence is not loved by some of her colleagues.

Although, such attitude is bound to happen in the industry because there is constant rise in number of actors and the old faces are still making wave too.

For Kikelomo, she is not a fan to hear say but when it becomes too much, then there is need to address the issue the way it is and that she has done by coming out to let people know that she is not a kid and knows what is good for her life.

According to her, “I think I am old enough to do as I like abi, so mind your own business and stop talking shit about me.”