I Never Married Because of Beauty But Character…Actor, Kolade Oyewande talks About Domestic Violence

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Popular Yoruba actor, Kolade Oyewande, has also joined the league of many who have come to criticize the high rate of domestic violence in the country.

The actor, using his pretty wife as case study stated that he never got married to his woman because of beauty but because of character and that has sustained his marriage and still counting.

He went on to fire men who go about spending so much money on ladies outside but ignore their wives at home and come back to give excuses.

Read his view below;
My Olori on point...I married her because of her behavior called IWA, stop getting married to a woman because of her riches , social status, prettiness, one day all these might fade away then she becomes your punching bag, every woman is beautiful, take care of them, you see, that lady you spending your millions on can’t withstand the woman you got married to, when last you gave your wife 1 million, but you can credit 2m to girlfriend account, stop it, appreciate what you have, a man will always be a man ,take care of your wife first....every woman has her behavior, they will frustrate you, make you angry, but never hit them ,many ways to handle such ladies, beating her is not the solution ,not about the riches, cars, houses you have, that makes a man, the ability to handle your home, accept your wife's behaviors makes you d real man ...Saynotodomesticsviolence.

Ladies: ..Not about been a celebrity, not about the riches, not about the fame, not about who you are, be submissive to your husband, accept him for who he his, pray for him often,prayers changes lot, advice him as a mother, keep calm ,listen to him ,be supportive, stop complaining much about your man ,every relationship has its up n down, if you can't accept a man for who he his then let him be....it rains everywhere just a matter of season...Settle with your man now n make a new life, most men already regretted there actions, most ladies already regretted there actions, all you both need is I m sorry. stop the Egooooooooooooooo.