Enchantment of Magickal Paradise...

By Melanie Miller

The Fairy Godmother is an enchantress. She offers us gifts of the spirit, and guidance of our minds and souls. The Fairy Godmother as we know of, has magical beings called her little ones'..fairies, and they do her bidding.

She is pictured and though to be a very old fairy, and she can be seen as a priestess or wise woman, as thought of by many folks. If you feel you need a love to come your way, you can look into a mirror and ask a fairy to bring love to you. You just may have your prayers answered by one of these many magical beings.

Believing in fairy magick is important and relatively so. Allow their magick to flow through you, and you may wish to have an altar set up ( such as I have ) with fairy statues and wot nots, and such...and the Fairy Godmother may just pay you a visit. Allow her magnificent glory to invade your dwelling or home. She possess divine powers of the universe and within us, we may have powers as well, rather magickal or elese wise.

The Fairy Godmother helps us with our visions, and she gives us gifts such as the earth, rain, wind, snow...etc. She has many powers and watches over us, if we ask her too. The Fairy Godmother can give us night dreams or day dreams, whichever she chooses too. All we need to do, is to believe in her and her powers and call upon her, during ritual magick or magick you may cast alone in solitare.

She is most powerful indeed, one of the most powerfullest of all fairys' and this is why she is called The God-Fairy of All Fairies.

If you feel the desire to cast a spell, or the need to have a spell cast for you, see if a friend will cast a lovers or money or healing spell with you, and make sure to ask The God-Fairy to assist you in all your magickal endeavors.

I am sure, if you are kind to her, leave her some bread or water on the earth's floor, then she will bless all your prayers and spells. You may want to cast these spells indoors or in the woods, whilst asking the God-Fairy or other kind of fairies. There are many kinds of fairies, many to choose from and ask in your ritual magick as well, as the God-Fairy.

I am ending this article but leaving a poem for all to read and enjoy. I hope you liked my article, and do read the fairy poem below. Thank you for coming, and sit a spell for another story soon.

Every day God-Fairy

She, is dancing..in the wind, as if one with the whole universe.

She laughs at nature, and makes herself known to the world.

She is a hummingbird, a watchful eye she possesses.

All you need to know is to look at her, and see her long womanly fairy tresses,

and she will bless you during all your magical spells.

The God-Fairy is beauty, that surpasses all other fairies, and she is the vision we seek,

and need in our daily lives.

She makes hubands find wives and she moves like the breeze and makes the trees come to life!

She is the fairy that takes hold of you and makes all beautiful dreams come true.

She is loveliness and serenity and peace lies within her fairy soul.

So let her take control and she will show you worlds and universes, you have never seen before.

Adore her, and worship The God-Fairy and be as one with her in a time soon to come,

or the present or future and she will show you places you never been to before,

in another deminsion...

the end...