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By Ola Johnson (NFC)
The brilliant Nollywood model actress looked healthy with her ever ebonized skin is back, back in the limelight of Nigerian Entertainment Industry after months of confinement to the hospital bed.

April 30, 2005 the accident happened as Stephanie Okereke was on her way to Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, attending the African Movie Academy Awards. She suffered severe legs injury but both doctors and fans were amazed by the rapid progress of her recovery. The embattled 26 year old model/actress, whose high-profile car accident and subsequently walking on crutches made national headlines over the last few months. She speaks on lessons her accident taught her.

Stephanie spoke with NIGERIA FILM.COM somewhere in Lagos recently about her full recovery and come back – in Nollywood movies. According to her “the accident was a terrible experience”, “it's sad if you are stuck on hospital bed for months” “one can actually go mental” that is why I'm very, very excited that I'm back doing what I know best (acting). “It was actually a very difficult period for me, though I made a very good use of it – writing, traveling to movie sets etc…” “I just thank God for the grace he gave me to pull through the traumatic experience” “actually, I looked back and feel I was on a holiday during those periods.

Tiptoeing back into the spotlight
Stephanie is fully recovered and has made quiet numerous public appearances, presently working on a numerous projects and set to appear on an upcoming movie called “After the Vow”.