Singer, Aramide Celebrates 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, Aramide, is very fortunate to have an understanding man for a hubby as she has been able to build a strong career in music after graduation.

The singer is currently fine all thanks to God and the good voice she is blessed with which has stood her out in her genre of music.

With the rate at which entertainers marriage is coming to an abrupt end, some are still smiling in theirs and building understanding as the day goes by knowing that they are both from different homes and backgrounds.

Aramide is currently happy that things have been going the way God wants it with her hubby as they currently celebrate their 2nd year wedding anniversary.

Penning down some words on their day, she wrote, “Your kindness is magic, your love is selfless and sincere, your heart is golden and you are my everything. I want to be able to say this year after year till we're Old and Grey. I love this forever thing it's like the coolest and I'm insanely in love with you. Happy 2nd year anniversary to us.”