Its Sad That Girls are Doing Rubbish Just to Remain Relevant…Actress, Ruth Kadiri

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Each day one wakes up, the first point of contact for many is always their social media just to get latest updates on what is happening and many get carried away by what they see.

Nollywoood actress, Ruth Kadiri, has pointed out that most of the things shared on social media are not real as lots of these celebs go through a lot but tend to show the happy side.

The actress stressed that it is better for one to struggle to get to that desired height rather than wanting to copy or be like someone else without knowing their real source.

In her words, “The generation we're in! The Instagram life doesn't add up with the reality. People are waking up sad because they think others are doing better than them. Those who seem to have a little, deliberately oppressing their followers, claiming HATERS and girls doing shit Just to stay relevant on social media, a platform where happiness is faked. Nobody wants to go through the process but we all want the glory. Easy my darlings! easy. Understand that those who try so hard to show you how happy they are, most probably are very sad and depressed. Live your life like its golden and don't envy anyone. Forget about how glittery the car looks the engine is what matters and that's the part we never get to see. Morning world.”