When I am alone...

By Melanie Miller
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I think of you and me..
When I laugh, I hear the gentle laughter coming from your mouth.

I look into the south and see a magickal rainbow awaiting for you and me...

I see stars in the nights sky, and see us dangling on one of them and blowing a gentle soft kiss to one another.

You are my ray of hope and desire.
You are that magickal angel sent to me from above.
You're so full of honesty and true love.
Such devotion you feel for me, never wishing to touch or embrace another and I am ever so grateful to you, that you feel this much love for me.

I know now...I have someone, but some day, me and you maybe together and have a bit of magick of our own.

You know...that I care deeply for you, and can not express it well in a letter, so I thought it better...

to write it in words that are poetic.
You will Always be to me, a sweet song, the summer wind and the spring rain.

At first, we did not always see eye to eye but I know in my heart, some fine day, you maybe my one and only guy!

We are to be together one day, I can just feel it, and if you ever need me, just write me and tell me how much you care about me