No More Death: Nollywood Actors now Have Joggers Club to Keep Fit

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

The Nollywood industry is no longer taking anything for granted as they have lost so many great talents in the past few years due to one form of ailment to the other.

Just few hours ago, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), unveiled the Nigeria joggers club which is aimed at helping its member o keep fit at all times considering the stress they go through while on set.

The club will also ensure that for every time they come out together, they get the opportunity of having various test conducted to be able to ascertain the health fitness level.

According to actress, Naomi Nkechi Emmanuel, she stated that the unveiling was a success as she urged her colleagues to always create time to come out on Saturday morning to exercise their body.

“Unveiling of ( AGN ) Actors guild of Nigeria joggers club today was a huge success and fun at the national stadium in ojez this morning. Now we have Nollywood fitness club so I urge my fellow Actors & Actresses to please find time to always come out every Saturday morning at ojez national stadium to work out for its just 1 hour programme. Enough is Enough! No more death No more body break down among our nollywood Actors & Actresses in JESUS NAME. AMEN!!! Be wise health is wealth!,” she wrote.