My Son is Enjoying his Life Abroad, Let him Be…Daniel Ademinokan Speaks

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Ex-hubby to Nollywood actress, Daniel Ademinokan, is not happy with way people have come attacking him and calling him names for going off with his son, David.

It has not been a rosy journey for Daniel and actress, Doris Simeon, but they have been able to manage through after their failed marriage which produced a son.

Daniel has since moved on with actress, Stella Damasus but once a while issues to comes up where fans tends to air their opinion on the issue which seems to have died down for a while.

While Daniel is still getting all the bashing, he has come out to state that his son should be left alone as he is enjoying himself abroad with his new family without any form of distraction.

In his words, “I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who sent messages of love, prayers and well wishes to David yesterday. The messages are still pouring in and we are truly grateful for the love. I read most of the messages to him and they put a big smile on his face knowing that he has "Fans" too. Haha!

“However, it's so sad to know that on a day where we should be celebrating and popping bottles of Sprite, Dr Pepper and Apple Cider, some people took it upon themselves to spew so much negativity, hatred, and darkness all over social media. These people who claim to love David more than his parents should know that David does not need the kind of love that comes with the level of hatred and bitterness in your hearts.

“This young man is enjoying the love and affection from both his parents and his family and has no reason to complain or feel unloved. It's sad that these people are crying more than the bereaved.

I implore you to open your hearts and let God fill it with his love and peace. It will change your perspective.”