Believing in Ghosts and Demons:

By Melanie Miller

Many people feel ghosts exsists and many entitle ghosts as demons, so I have learned from others. Ghost may exsist and I know, I seen a ghost long ago, as a child..around the age 14. I was sleeping in my bed at the time, and a ghostly figure appeared before me. There are skeptics though that do not believe in ghosts nor demons and there are others that feel there are only demons and no ghosts living. We can call ghosts, the undead, as they are alive but dead at the same time. They have not moved on and tried to enter another realm, such as heaven. They exsist because they have not been called to heaven, is how I feel. But others may have a difference of opionion. Many may feel they, ghost this is to say, have unfinished business and they need to be around to prove to their family and friends, that they do exsist and are watching over them. There are many reasons ghost stick around, would'nt you agree? I feel a ghost does not wish to travel to another deminsion and then they wish to haunt people as well. You can find ghost stories on TV and relate to them, or call for a medium or psychic. There are poeple that dwell with the paranormal and many believe that they have the answers. What are your views on this one? Do you feel that mediums can tell you what they are doing in this world, why they are here? Do you feel ghost can haunt a person or persons? Have you ever experienced a ghost like image or feel you have seen a ghost or demon as a child?

I have done some soul searching and found that demons are here to destroy another soul and take their soul away from them. Ghosts, on the other hand, are just wanting to allow people to know, that they are still around and need comforting just like when they wore alive. They need reassurance and guidance just like any other kind of apparition. I feel demons are around us and feel they are only out to harm us. Many people call upon demons during rituals or spell casting. I used to be into black magic spells but no longer, as feel it is wicked and unwise to call on the dead. I have been to a fortune teller before and took my son with me. The window closed hard and then I left with my son immediatly afterwards. Calling on demons is no picnick and no one should cast magic for evil and destruction. Well..I have spoken about ghost and demons and is up to you to decide what you feel is correct and right in your heart and mind. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. It is much appreciated.