"What Tomorrow May Bring"

By Melanie Miller
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Melanie Miller

You said to me long ago how much you loved me...
and I felt your words were true.
You called me at times just to say how you missed me.

And I believed in you.
I thought we were meant to be.
Sometimes I wonder if you even think or dream about me at times.

But..I do not know this question that is sometimes on my mind.

I feel someday you will come back and hold me and tell me everything is alright.

Perhaps we'll take a fanciful flight and soar to the blue heavens above and feel

such love and devotion for one another.
I must be strong and hold on for I do not know what tomorrow may bring for me.

I will hope and pray that some sweet day...you will call me and just to say "hello."

I can wish in my mind that you will desire me again and tell me that we were always meant to be and none to fear, I shall be there one day..to hold you again.

Oh would not that be sweet..to have you hold me in your arms again.

I would just melt and have often felt you would return...

but for now..I will wonder when or if you will come back and hold me so close and whisper

'sweet words into my ear.
I will think of you many times and maybe I should cast a secret spell for you to come to me soon.

I just hope we are together again and get married in the month of June and then we shall never part then..and darling there shall always be a special place in my heart for you and ever more.

You are the only man I truly love and adore.

by Melanie Miller