My Father Spent Much Money in Buying Okey Bakassi, Nkem Owoh Movies…MC Tagwaye

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Popular comedian and President Buhari’s lookalike, MC Tagwaye, has constantly maintained a strong relevance in the industry with his unique use of character to mimic the President.

He is almost one of the most sort after in the industry now as he graces lots of high profile events with the perception that he is representing the president because of his looks.

Recently, he met with comedian and actor, Okey Bakassi, and as usual they shared compliments with the comedian letting his senior colleague know that it was because of him his father spent so much money in buying movies he and Nkem Owoh, featured in.

According to him, ‘When I think of the value my talent has added to my life, I lack ways to express my gratitude to Almighty. I met this my Oga @okeybakassi I was like so finally I met you, he also said your Excellency, I've finally met you, I need this presidential handshake. We all laughed over it. I told him do you know how much my father and I spent buying your movies there two people I find naturally funny in my life when it comes to movie Nkem owoh and @okeybakassi , thank you sir for the time and some professional advice you gave me, thank you sir.”