Only a Coward will Chose to Commit Suicide…Actor, Imeh Bishop Speaks

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

With the now trend of committing suicide among some Nigerians virtually every week, various questions now arises on what is the real issue behind these trends, is death the way forward? In fact, how did our forefathers handle depressing issues during their time?

All these and many more questions keep coming up by the day and Nollywood actor, Imeh Bishop, has also lend his voice on the suicide issue calling on Nigerians not to leave their duty post to commit suicide.

He made this known and an anti-suicide video he shared while urging fans to deal with whatever issue they have rather than take their own life which shows how coward they are.

According to him, “If u have an ish, deal with it. Talk to someone or someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows something about how u can get help. The country is still grappling over basic amenities and conditions with staggering mortality rate like HIV/AIDS , Polio, Malaria and Sicke Cell etc and now u think of adding mental illness to it. That's a fantasy o. It's just like going on a wild goose chase. The workability in practice is slim. If u take your life, regardless of what u pass through, you are a coward. I said so!!!”

The past few weeks has recorded either one suicide or attempted suicide case which was abruptly halted by passerby or the Police yet people still find pleasure in taking their own lives leaving family members to run around looking for burial money.

Make una stop rough play biko, rice is still expensive o.