My Mother Sold Akara to Train Me…Don Jazzy

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Everyone sure has a story to tell about their growing and Mavin records boss, Don Jazzy, in celebrating Mother’s day, has just shared his own success story.

In as much as we have lots of women in the world than men, yet, some of these womn go the extra mile at ensuring they gave their children the best no matter how little.

Some women go as far as selling of some of the wedding clothes given to them on their wedding day and other valuables just to train their child not to suffer like them.

For Don Jazzy, it is a time to recall how his mother will sell Akara better known as Beans Cake and sometimes she ends up not making profit because she loves sharing to people on the street just for them to have something to eat.

Sharing the love for his mother, he wrote, “Behold the sweetest mother in the world. People ask me why do I carry people's problem on my head and try to make everyone happy. Might be strange to a lot of people but not me because growing up watching you be a mother to everybody around you was a beautiful sight. You will sell Akara and sometimes not make profit because you have fed the entire street for free. You made me understand that a good name is definitely better than silver or gold. You made me see the importance in sharing happiness. How it's better for everyone to be happy around you than for you to be happy alone. All of which has made me the man I am today. I LOVE YOU MUM. Happy Mothers Day.”