Oritse Femi’s Manager, Danku, Sacked No Longer Singer Rayce Manager

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Last year, there was viral drama between singer, Oritse Femi and his manager, Danku, and the whole blogosphere was set on fire with their various rants.

The issue between Danku and Oritse Femi became so bad and part of the reasons was the name MSN Gang which both parties claim ownership to as Danku used it on singer, Racye single back then.

Later, they came out to settle their rift and began working together but there is another twist and this time it is between Danku and Rayce.

Although, the real issue is not known but Rayce record label, Jebon records, has just announced that Danku is no longer managing Rayce and anyone that transacts business with him is doing that at their own risk.

jebonrecords : Who ever that does business on behalf of @jebonrecords or @rayceofficial with him @ijobanadanku do so at his own risk. THANKS