I Can Survive Without Social Media…Cynthia Morgan

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Since the emergence of various social media applications, most Nigerian artistes will sure admits that it has really exposed them to the world and showed off their works.

Before, musicians or entertainers at large will only have to depend on TV more to show off their works either movie or music and these cost them lots of money but with social media, they can share their works to a large number of audience without paying for it.

But singer, Singer, Cynthia Morgan, may not be seeing it from that direction as she has just announced that she is quitting social media as it kills faster than Cancer.

According to her, "With the type of things I see on the internet these days it’s real time I quit this place. I was on 60 before. PG...find me a 3310...no more andriod or what not. don't even want to be tempted to download these apps.

"The internet be steady killing more niggas than cancer...make una dey use sense. I heard a word, and it says... Never you put yourself on their level. Remember the best things in life are for free and they are not on the internet. I ain't talking mp3 free download," she said.