Even Your Boyfriend Can’t Buy you Ordinary Shoe…Actress Abimbola Ogunnowo Blast Hater

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Hmm, just like singer, Sunny Neji, is one of his hit singles back then said, “wetin I go do my brother o wey them no go talk,” Nollywood actress and beauty therapist, Abimbola Ogunnowo, is not smiling at all.

Lots of people do not know how some people hustled their way to the top and are reaping bountifully from their hard work yet the get mocked and beefed by few people who cannot attain their height.

The actress although did not mention names but she indirectly threw shade at her hater telling her that it is not all about the money but the impact made in one’s life that matters.

Dishing out her mind on over the rumour she heard about her personality, she fired thus, “If you have been there 100times before me and you make no impact that's your BAD.......but whenever I do my things I do it differently because the God I serve is greater than any man. So if you like keep stalking me, I still dey hustle and making my money. Even your boyfriend has a heavy crush on me. Buh stay calm bitch he isn't my type so he is worthless to me & can't even pay my bills. The last time I heard he couldn't even buy you a shoe. Do me a Favour and check my closet bitch #doublewahala for dead body#”