Ex-beauty Queen, Maryam Elisha Loses her Expensive G-Wagon to Fire

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Ex-beauty queen, Maryam Elisha, is currently biting her finger after she lost her expensive G-Wagon to a fire incident which almost would have been a sad story now.

Maryam narrowly escaped death, after her Mercedes Benz G-Wagon went up in flames on the Eko Bridge, Lagos on Sunday.

According to her, the fire was first noticed by other road users, who called her attention to it but as she tried to stop the car, the brakes failed but to the grace of God, she was able to stop the car.

In her words, “When the car eventually started to slow down, I put it on park and tried to open the door, which wouldn’t open until people came to my aid and helped me out before the fire spread everywhere.”

Aside the fame she got, she is also a fashion designer, model and was one time named one of the 20 most influential personalities in Nigeria.