Trouble: Yoruba Actor, Ijaduade Azeez’s Bone Dislocated by Area Boys at Ikorodu

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

With the high rate of piracy in the country, Nollywood producers are all out to fight for their right since the government seems not to have anything to offer in helping protect their works.

Producers cry in the industry is really unhealthy for their works as aside being faced with the issue of piracy; they do not get free access to shoot the movies as they also have the Area Boys to deal with.

Sometime ago, it was actress, Omoni Oboli, that cried for help after the movie shoot was disrupted by these jobless boys terrorizing the environment now it was the turn of Ijaduade Ololade Azeez, who was also faced with the same challenge.

Azeez and his crew were on set in Ikorodu early Sunday morning and while production was going on, some Area Boys approached them demanding for money for using government road to shoot movies.

Since the producer refused to acknowledge their demand, it turned to a drama that saw the producer, Azeez having a dislocated bone and now shooting under pain.

According to the producer, “these guys fought me to the extent my leg is dislocated now. I can’t walk well again, I’m in pain while am directing on this set. Some people are still blaming us why we are shooting on government road.”