For 5 years, I Lost my Beauty While in Politics…Actress, Shirley Igwe Recounts

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Shirley Igwe, is not a new face in the Nigerian movie industry as she has been able to build herself to the delight of many producers.

She has so far been enjoying her journey in the movie industry since her return from politics and she has not had any course to regret her coming back after five years.

Recalling her brief break for politics, the actress stated that although, it gave her that push to withstand pressure and handle lots of things with care but it made her aged on time which was not funny.

Speaking with Allure Vangurad, the actress explained that in politics, “It was work, work, work. I was so busy, I aged overnight by five years. Everything mattered at that time for me. I was so serious. I was so mature too because I carried a lot of responsibilities on my shoulder because nothing must go wrong. I had to show myself able to the tasks. But that experience has helped me a lot. Today, I can handle anything that comes my way especially pressures, because, I have seen different types of pressures. Having that experience was something I loved at that time. It helped me get mature in life.”