G-Worldwide DJ Shabsy Buys Latest Honda Car with Lamborghini Door

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Biko, I need to discover another part of talent God may have given me that I’m yet to discover o because the rate at which these musicians especially are living large ehn, hmm.

See, there is money in the Nigerian music industry o and God bless you that you now have a good record label that can help your career, true you don blow be that (laugh).

Just as many are crying about the poor situation of the country, some people are spending huge sum of money on luxury just the way G-Worldwide official Disc Jockey, DJ Shabsy did during the week.

Anyways, he has worked hard in the industry which has constantly seen the emergence of young DJs and he deserves to make himself happy as he just acquired a Honda car that has the door of a Lamborghini.

Chai, God purnish poverty and him elder brother. Congrats to him.